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Create Mobile App. with HTML 5 and PhoneGap 4

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  • Create iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 application with your skill on HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Learn to avoid problem from real-world application workshop
  • JQuery and JQuery Mobile included.

Create iOS & Android App. with HTML 5, Angular JS, and Ionic Framework

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  • Use your web development skill to create both iOS and Android application
  • Learn Angular JS framework from novice to ninja
  • Learn to use Ionic framework to create high-performance hybrid mobile application

Responsive Web Design 2015

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  • Understand concept and create website that’s great for user in any device, any screen.
  • Learn from workshop, get review, and adapt the design
  • Learn to use and integrate Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 in your workflow for faster, better design time.

Create Web application with MEAN Stack

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  • Learn to use MEAN stack to create web application with Javascript
  • No need extra knowledge. If you can do web, you can learn.
  • Cover topics: Angular JS, Node JS, Express JS, and Mongo DB
  • Learn in workshop to face and fix real world problem

Create iOS App. with Swift for Web developer

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  • Tailored Swift course for web developer
  • Learn from basic to ninja for create iOS application with Swift
  • Best for web developer

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