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Creating Website? So Mobile app you can!

An comprehensive workshop to create cross-platform mobile application with HTML, CSS, Javascript

Good for beginner and Web developer


  • Intermediate level of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Bring your own smartphone and tablet device to test your mobile application

Topics in Workshop

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Create your Mobile Application’s workflow with PhoneGap 3.5

  • Understand workflow and pitfall when develop cross platform mobile application with PhoneGap
  • Integrate Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014’s new feature into workflow
  • Publish your web project to multiple mobile platforms without change any code

Test your own Mobile application

Workshop will let you play your HTML5 mobile application with your own device to make you understand the process and real workflow you need to use in project.

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Create Mobile User Interface with JQuery Mobile

  • Understand and use JQuery Mobile to bring your web application to look-alike mobile application.
  • Include tip & technique to boost performance

Integrated Native-feature with PhoneGap API

Use Javascript to bring cross-platform web project to access sensor of every mobile platform

  • Manage your local application’s database with SQLite 3
  • Communicate with Web Service
  • Guideline to use PhoneGap API
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Upload to global in App Store and Play Store

Jump start to bring your web project to real-native mobile application to bring it to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

It’s similar to WinZip!

Join private community!

  • Keep it touch with instructor and friend in the course with private Facebook Group
  • Contact instructor when you found a problem
  • Get discount on next course!
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[us_testimonial author=”Mr. Banpod” company=”MVCI Thailand, Phuket, Thailand”]Easy to get the concept. Got a lot of technique to use in real project. Good demonstration and workshop’s process.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Ms. Umarin” company=”Enterprises Co. Ltd. “]Instructor is so calm and friendly. He has easy way to explain difficult concept. Workshop make student enjoy the course.[/us_testimonial]

Our client, we glad to make them create new things:

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Contact for onsite training

Tel: +66 (0) 86 661 5058


(Available in Asia & Australia)

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