How to keep your responsive web design against the legendary Internet explorer (IE6/IE7/IE8)

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So you might have experience on how to crack down your fixed-size web design into fluid layout that adapt to tablet and smartphone, which are going to rule the world of post-PC era.

But so far, our big elephant in the room has same character, the IE. I am quite sure if you are a veteran web creator you will feel about this elephant as ‘war elephant’.

Because each its version which released into the battlefield of Internet, they have took the unfamiliar characteristic and bring scream to all of web creator.

And with undoubted number of Windows OS user around the world, we, the innocent web creator, have to face against this elephant with no choice.

But the greatest problem always come with many heroes who want to fight against it. Many web creators have invented new tool and strategies to defeat this legendary IE to the ground.

Before IE10 will rise, we still need to take care ourselves

Yes, I know Microsoft promises IE10 will come to end this war. But I still need to take a look, and people doesn’t buy and use Windows 8 immediately. So I am the one who will need to play safe.

So I searched and tried many framework around, found many good tool and tactics from many super web creator. So if you’re moving to grab the concept of responsive web design and you need to make your website still available for legendary IE. These tools might be very useful.

List of framework & tactic

Thank you for those web creator who invented and shared these useful ‘weapon’ to us to fight the legendary IE. Hope you grab your best tool and win over that beast.

Have a great project!


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