Ionic Workshop in Thailand: Learn how to build iOS & Android Application with HTML, CSS, and Angular JS

Create iOS & Android application with your web skill!

Topics cover essential parts for web developer who need to expand their work into mobile application platform

No Angular JS skill required!

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Build Mobile App. with web technology

Learn how to apply your HTML, CSS, & Javascript skill to create robust mobile application both iOS & Android

angularjs logo

Know Angular JS

Understand & use one of the most popular Javascript framework today, easy to understand with well tailored workshop.

Real Workshop. Real App.

Create & run your application on your own devices. Controls popular sensor such as geolocation and Barcode Scanner.



  • Has experienced in HTML, CSS, & Javascript technology
  • JQuery skill is not required. But good if you have
  • Has your own iOS or Android device (or both! if you want to try on them)

Example of iOS & Android application on App Store and Play Store


Mallzee screenshot

iOS | Android


Sworkit Screenshot

iOS | Android


Charge Map screenshot

iOS | Android

Covered Topics

Create iOS & Android application with latest Cordova framework

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  • Learn concept & understand how to create mobile application with PhoneGap/Cordova 5
  • Experience real workflow with real project
  • Moderating by 4 years experienced instructor in hybrid mobile application technology

Working with real device

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  • Create, test, and then publish your application
  • Workshop by create your own mobile application and run it on your mobile device.

Getting Started Angular JS & Ionic Framework

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  • Basic in using HTML 5 to build mobile application
  • Happier, faster, easier in creating web application with Angular JS
  • Create jaw-dropped UI with Ionic framework

Control native feature with your javascript

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  • Insert and load data from SQLite 3 Storage
  • Connect with Web service
  • Learn concept to use Cordova’s plugin more easier.

Make your hybrid application more secure

[us_single_image image=”7223″ size=”full” align=”center” animate=”afl” img_link_new_tab=””]
  • Apply strategy to your mobile application

Take it to store

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  • Create and use your application’s  icon
  • Workflow to delivery your application to App Store and Play Store


The instructor:

[us_single_image image=”7828″ size=”full” animate=”afl” img_link_new_tab=””]

Pon, or “Coach Pon”, is web technology consultant who experienced in making mobile application with web technology over 5 years.

He’s the first Thai people who teach about PhoneGap/Cordova on  YouTube , and as a instructor, he helps web developer & designer create amazing thing with web technology, such as IoT, Mobile App, and Server in many organization.

His current’s goal is teaching people understand and choose proper technology for them easier and happier.


[us_testimonial author=”Mr. Banpot” company=”MVCI Thailand, Phuket”]

Easy to understand, energised. I got a lot of idea to make my next project better. Passive continuous workshop.

[us_testimonial author=”Ms. Umarin” company=”Enterprises Co. Ltd. “]

Instructor is kind and friendly. Easy to understand the concept, and good workshop


Organisation that become our friends in learning new things:

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  • 3 days
  • 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Request for on-site service:


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