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.NET Conference 2021: Introduction to Azure Form Recognizer

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I joined .NET Conference Bangkok 2021 as a speaker, Thank you, Jose Babossa for kindly invited me.

So I decided to talk about the latest AI service from Azure, Azure Form Recognizer, which I thought it is very useful for everyone who are looking for a solution for extract information from document, both paper-typed and PDF.

In the session, I explained about the complexity that hide below the task to extract the information from paper and PDF format, user experience for common user in giving information into the system and how the mistake was occurred.

Also in the demo, I demonstrated how to start using Form Recognizer and how easy to try with Web Application. The web application have provided nice user interface to test each features, also train custom model.

I thought the custom model training is the best part which this web application can do. You can select each field on each provided document to labeled them as useful information you need.

If you want to know more, feel free to explore the links below:

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