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React Native – What? Why? How? at iOS Dev Meetup 4 Thailand

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I was a speaker at iOS Developer Thailand‘s meetup last week and my topic is quite interesting, it’s about React Native. That’s draw a lot of interesting from Native developer. So I thought it’d great if I summed all stories I spoke here.

Thank you Mr. Bank and his crew for invitation me to this event.

And if you’re interesting in other session in this meetup, the meetup also has Redux – Bring Web Architecture to Mobile by Mr. M and Continuous Delivery with Fastlane by Mr. Somkiat

Sum up: React Native – What?, Why?, How?

React Native is a fresh new thing for Native Developer. So l clarified all myths here. Separate in 3 topics, What is it? Why do we have to use it? and How to use it?

What is React Native?

  • Idea extension from its ancestor Web framework, React
  • Use similar React’s concept to control Native UI in Mobile application development

Why do I have to use React Native? or don’t?

As a starter, you might confuse about React Native. For a great example, “Do I have to use React Native?” or “Is it better than Swift or Objective-C?”

So I focused on iOS Native Developer and Web Developer in this part.

Advantage of React Native

  • Support iOS and Android
  • Get Native’s performance in almost part 
  • Good for Web Developer
  • Easy to learn (Need ES6 & JSX experiene)
  • Provides Native APIs and Native UI components (But not everything in Native got covered now, You can create it by yourself if you want)

Disadvantage of  React Native

  • Still young (and yes, we still have bugs)
    • iOS in mid 2015
    • Android in September, 2015
  • Document is hard to use for newbie, less explanation,  StackOverflow is a resource
  • Not everything in Native got covered now (but you can create it by yourself if you want)

How to start with React Native?

Setting up

  • Node JS
  • Flow
  • Watchman
  • Sublime Text 3 or Atom is good to start

More, if you want iOS

  • Xcode
  • iOS Simulator

More, if you want Android

  • Android SDK
  • Android Emulator (React Native suggested Genymotion)

You needs these skills to go well:

  • JavaScript
    • ES6
    • JSX
  • Basic using of Xcode
  • Basic using of Android Studio


I showed the basic React Native project’ structure for Native developer in this event. You can find all projects I demo in the list below:



I used this slide as a part of my speak. The video recorded from the crew might fills my words, which I talked about the 3rd battle of cross-platform war.

เริ่มต้นยุค AI ด้วยคอร์สฟรี และพรีเมี่ยม กับพล

หากชอบสิ่งที่พลเล่า เรื่องที่พลสอน สามารถสนับสนุนพลโดยการเข้าเรียนคอร์สออนไลน์ของพลนะคร้าบ

  • เข้าใจง่าย ใช้ได้จริง ออกแบบการสอนอย่างเข้าใจโดยโค้ชพล
  • มีคอร์สสำหรับคนใช้งานทั่วไป จนถึงเรียนรู้เพื่อใช้งานในสายอาชีพขั้นสูง
  • ทุกคอร์สมีใบประกาศณียบัตรรับรองหลังเรียนจบ

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