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Gallery: HTML 5 & Responsive Web Design at Kasetsart University

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In the first week of this month, I went to host a “HTML 5 & Responsive Web Design” workshop at Kasetsart University, where I graduated.

Everyone who attended this workshop is IT officer, Web developer, or at least, Website administrator. So we mixed up between experienced developer and standard skill.

Everyone is so diligent, eager to learn how to apply responsive web design into their own organisation’s website. That is why I focus to adapt new mindset about 3 key factors:

  • Content-first
  • Mobile-First
  • User Experience on small device

So the result is very impressed. Without relied on specific tool and IDE, they can express their own creativity to transform existing website into flexible and easy to use ones.

I hope my workshop will raise a great transform and idea to improve my university’s website in many perspective, that I thought it’s the beginning that I could do for a university that give knowledge and skill to me.

Interesting topics I focused in workshop:


  • How to adapt HTML 5 for legacy web browser
  • HTML 5 element in Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8

Responsive Web Design

  • Responsive Web Design’s goal and mindset
  • Adobe Photoshop CC feature for Responsive Web Design
  • Adobe Edge Reflow CC in Responsive Web Design’s workflow
  • Real-time create and fix Responsive Web design with Adobe Edge Inspect CC
  • Mobile-First and Content-First thinking
  • Bootstrap 3 for Responsive Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver CC

I used these hardware and software in workshop:

  • Post-it
  • Pencil and mobile sketchsheet
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Photoshop CC 2014
    • Dreamweaver CC 2014
    • Edge Reflow CC
    • Edge Inspect CC

and what make me very happy is: I will host a Mobile application development workshop at Kasetsart University again. It is easy to learn, develop, and distribute: Create iOS & Android application with HTML 5, Angular JS, and Ionic Framework.

See you then, cheers!

See the workshop:


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Posted by Next Flow: Web Platform Solution on Sunday, April 5, 2015

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