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2 Mobile OS’ll come to join the war with full support on web technology

We’re already know that time will come.

The time that almost mobile’s operating system will run and play web content in superior performance, and we can use it to build ‘native application’ for those system.

But the specific point of ‘that time’ is still in mysterious. By the way, 2 signs we can expect in this 2013.

Samsung Tizen

Samsung Tizen

Tizen has came around us in 2012 but we expected to see the first mobile device which totally support them.

Until now Samsung seems going to launch their first Tizen-based device in 2013. According to latest post of The Next Web that we may get the first leaked photo of Tizen sometime this years.

The most interesting idea about Tizen is, everything you need to build application based on web technology. So you can going faster with your web development skill.

The latest documentation about Tizen framework is here.

firefox os for phone

Mozilla’s Firefox OS

We love Firefox.

Even we have Google Chrome now. Firefox still be a good independent web browser that just work great. We got a lot of innovation from it, such as FireBug (Web Inspector tool).

Mozilla initiates Firefox OS project for more than a years now. The OS planned to be open-source mobile OS, similar to Google Android, but heavily based on web technology.

From the road-map, Firefox OS will work with OEMs and operators who interest in this OS. So it looks like FireFox OS can go into middle and lower end user.

The developer, especially web developer, will gain most advantage on Firefox OS. Even Firefox OS provides their own API for developer to build application (Mozilla has called it as “Open Web App”), but everything still based on web technology such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

If you start interest in Firefox OS, and eager to develop an app for it, click here to go to official developer site.


We all knows that why does native application still arise and keep going.

We also know what is the progress of HTML5 adopting as standard and the technology that’s rising to support.

and yes, we know the debate between web and native application still here, and it’ll keep continue. But when new mobile OS, which support web technology as a major application development come to join the field. It will affect.

For me, I can’t wait to see how both web-based mobile OS will changed the world of mobile application development, as Google Android did it before to Apple’s iOS.

What do you think about both OS?

เริ่มต้นยุค AI ด้วยคอร์สฟรี และพรีเมี่ยม กับพล

หากชอบสิ่งที่พลเล่า เรื่องที่พลสอน สามารถสนับสนุนพลโดยการเข้าเรียนคอร์สออนไลน์ของพลนะคร้าบ

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  • มีคอร์สสำหรับคนใช้งานทั่วไป จนถึงเรียนรู้เพื่อใช้งานในสายอาชีพขั้นสูง
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