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How to start using Internet Explorer 8 as baseline web browser as designer and developer?

(Photo by truk)

As you already know IE still hold the major web users around the world (Yes, I know. Because they are using Windows OS)

Even the rising up of Google Chrome, and modern web browser, are storming IE with better performance and focusing on HTML5 and CSS3, IE seems standout for its 49% user around the world.

Soon IE7 will be dropped (Thank, finally!) and people will step into the next baseline web browser for Windows OS, Internet Explorer 8. This version has a lot of improvement that its ancestor doesn’t have before. Better web standard supporting and also performance itself would bring the new experience in web design and development to us all.

Learning IE8 website founded by Brian Blakely. Its goal is to let people can move faster to use IE8 as the baseline web browser. Brian concluded and point out many important HTML, CSS, and Javascript support in IE8

So please feel free to try his website here. And we will welcoming IE8 together. (Bye bye IE7, please don’t turn back)

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