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5 New features in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Hi guy! We know this time will come. Adobe now launched Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6.

There’s a lot of new features and enhancements in almost Adobe Creative Suite application. At the moment, I think you will have a lot of things to “play” until the end of this year.

Now, let focus on Adobe Dreamweaver.

Adobe Dreamweaver (yes, it was belongs to Macromedia), the legendary web authoring tools that has brought WYSIWYG web design to your work since December 1997. In my opinion, it is the great “swiss army knife” for me to build and design website and web application.

But day by day, web technology and platform are changing rapidly, especially in the world that has no only PC’s monitor screen, but we have all possible mobile device’s resolution instead. How could Adobe Dreamweaver handle this?

Yes, it has been improved. 🙂

Integrated with cutting-edge web technology like HTML5, CSS3, and popular 3rd party framework. You will feel Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 just done a good job.

Now, let’s see 5 new features come with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, will they get you excite? 🙂

1. Fluid grid layout

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Fluid Grid Layout - New Document

The world has changed. We have no just PC only. We have those iOS device, Android, Amazon kindle, Windows Phone, and much more.

How could you prepare your website and survive the war of screen’s resolution (which expected a decade)?

At the moment, the answer should be “Responsive Web Design”.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 provided Fluid Grid Layout Template, the system that provided customizable content’s layout for you to take you faster than build from scratch.

click here to take a look on sneak peek video: Fluid Grid Layout

We also  provide on-site training for your team or organization, please feel free to contact us.

2. JQuery Mobile Framework updates

JQuery Mobile Framework can be called “the most popular” mobile framework nowadays.

It has no doubt that it take the success from its older brother, JQuery framework, but JQuery Mobile Framework stands on its ground, the mobile (indeed).

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 provide more tools for you to work easier with JQuery Mobile project. For example, Importing theme from Adobe Firework CS6, and point-to-set theme definition to specific element.

Did I tell you they updates the lastest version of JQuery Mobile Framework? 🙂

So more customization you can apply to your JQuery Mobile project, now, by designer.

3. Adobe PhoneGap Build integration

Adobe Dreamaweaver CS6 - PhoneGap Build Integration

After Adobe acquired Nitobi, the owner of one of the most popular cross-platform mobile application development, PhoneGap, You and I think about the same idea:

“They might integrate it to “a tool” of Adobe Creative Suite”

And answer is YES. Since Adobe CS5.5, Adobe provide a starter project for PhoneGap and also provide local build to compile your web project into native mobile application, covered on iOS and Android platform.

In Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, the local build is gone.

Replaced with PhoneGap Build integration, you can upload your web project directly from Adobe Dreamweaver to PhoneGap Build’s online service and let it compiles your project into native mobile application. It doesn’t need to prepare system environment like the traditional local build process!

With PhoneGap Build integration, you have no need to prepare your system to be ready to compile web project as “a” native mobile application. You leave it to PhoneGap Build, and take your fresh-baked mobile application file to your distribution process.

So eaaaaaaasy! 🙂

(And as you guess, PhoneGap Build will provide some “extra” plan for better feature, trade with some cost.)

4. CSS3 Transition

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - CSS3 Transition

A lot of CSS3’s features are going exposed day by day, except Web Font, I think the most interesting feature is about transition. It can generate web animation without any Javascript which is very great thing!

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 agree with this. It provides you a panel to manage your CSS3 transition. With point-and-click workflow, you can apply nice CSS3 transition to your HTML element without coding any CSS rule.

5. Integrate with Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst has been announced since the release of Adobe CS5. In Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, there’s also a key improvement.

By providing better support on Adobe Business Catalyst, now Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 give you upload your web project into your Business Catalyst account and manage the module directly from Adobe Dreamweaver.

This service give the great chance for web designer who want to focus on their creativity task, instead of management or technical.


I have to remind you that except those 5 cool features that applied into Adobe Dreamweaver, there’re a lot of enhancements that Adobe applied in CS6 are waiting for you to explore.

If you ask me which one is interesting. I want to tell you that one of the most interesting enhancement is Mercury engine. The Mercury engine will improve performance a lot in almost Adobe CS6 tools, also included Adobe Dreamweaver.

I want you to try by yourselves. Click here to go to official website and feel free to download trial version. (while I was writing this article, Adobe still keep “download” button as “notify me”. Feel free to fill your information for get the email when the package is ready to download)

Please share your thought with me in comment box below: “Which feature you love the most?”



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