How to solve “Error: Status=2 Message=Class not found” in using PhoneGap’s Video Player plugin for Android?


Using video player on Android application which built on PhoneGap isn’t easy like iOS.

Due to fragmentation of hardware (and also the Android OS), we couldn’t rely to use HTML5’s video tag. The best solution at the moment looks like we have to use Video Player plugin, created by Simon Mcdonald.

What if I found “Error: Status=2 Message=Class not found”?

If you are migrating your application from PhoneGap version pre-2.0 (ex. 1.8 & 1.9), you might experience this error in running your application and tried to play your video file. It just doesn’t work.

Error status=2 Class not found in video player plugin phonegap 2

“Error status=2 Class not found” in video player plugin for Android with phonegap 2.0

How to solve?

Phonegap 2 for android removed plugin.xml, use config.xml instead

The problem comes from PhoneGap’s architecture changed in 2.0.

Before version 2.0, the plugin will be defined in plugins.xml. PhoneGap 2.0 defined all plugins in config.xml instead. You will notice in the beginning that project template doesn’t include plugins.xml in xml folder anymore.

That is, you have to put plugin declaration in config.xml instead. Save it. Then enjoy your application.

Thank for imin, who asked this first on Stackoverflow. So the question leads to clear answer. :)

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